September 11 2001
At 8:46 flight 11 crashes into the north Tower 1,355 people died
At 9:03 flight 175 crashes into the South Tower 600 people died.
343 firefighters were killed in action. They entered the towers to rescue the people who were trapped inside, not knowing these towers would collapse.
This site is a tribute to all the firefighters who has fallen during 9/11.
On this site, you can check the events that happened that day and search for information about companies who were sent to the world trade center and lost some of their team members.
North Tower
South Tower
Company with 2 or less casualties
Company with more than 2 casualties
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Story from those who were left behind
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Number of FDNY casualties
North Tower
Number of FDNY casualties
South Tower
The 9/11 Heroes

This site is a tribute to the 9/11 Fire Fighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. With this interactive visualization you can see what happened on 9/11 and how the Fire Fighters were involved during the evacuation. It is also possible to view the list of casualties. Viewer discretion is advised.

Thomas van de Ven and Arjan Marisaël
Students at Avans Hogeschool, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

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No casualties viewable

At this moment there are no casualties viewable. The reason why, is because the attack on this tower did not happened yet in the timeline. Once you've skipped to the event, or to an event after the attack, the casualties will be viewable.